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Caring for One Another


One hallmark of a community of faith is that we are here for one another.  If you want information for any of these ministries, please contact the parish office at 585-586-1226.


Christ Church Caregiver’s Ministry

Christ Church offers a monthly lunch and support group for caregivers in and beyond the parish. If you are a caregiver and need such support, please contact the parish office.

Pastoral Emergencies

To contact a member of the clergy during office hours, call the parish office. Outside of office hours, our voicemail shares emergency contact information.

Pastoral Calls/Holy Communion

We consider caring for parishioners coping with illness, loss, and other spiritual challenges to be one of our most important responsibilities. Holy Communion may also be brought to you by the clergy or a Eucharistic Visitor. If you would like a visit at home or in the hospital, please contact the parish office.

Flower Deliveries

We deliver flowers to the sick, the housebound, and in celebration of life events each week.


The Meditation groups meets the first and third Monday at noon in the parish library. The engage in mindfulness exercises, pray for those on our prayer list, and explores other spiritual practices.

Prayer List

Prayer is at the heart of the Church. To add a name to the prayer list, please contact the parish office. If you would like to add a name of another parishioner, we ask that you obtain the person’s permission before submitting his or her name. You may also place a name of someone who has died on the Prayer List.


Sunday Bulletin Mailings

The Sunday Bulletin from the 10:00 Worship Service is mailed to homebound parishioners upon request. If you would like to receive a bulletin in the mail, please contact the Church Office.

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