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Adult Education

Members of Christ Church love lively theological inquiry and love to learn. We expect thought-provoking, relevant sermons from our clergy each week. In addition, we regularly offer forums after our services, covering everything from bible study to topics such as skills for aging gracefully, organ transplants, and enjoying the natural beauty of local parks in Western New York.


We are blessed to have a program featuring visiting faculty members from the Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School. Dr. Mark Brummitt, Professor of Old Testament Studies, has been with us since 2009, leading us in "Christ Church Reads the Bible." Dr. Brummitt has covered the Old Testament, the New Testament, and a variety of in-depth studies, including the Book of Psalms and apocalyptic literature in the Bible.

To listen to some of the Christ Church Reads the Bible discussions, please click here.

The Christ Church Reads the Bible recordings are noted with this icon:


Christ Church also has its own lending library of over 1,300 books, with about 65 new books added each year. The titles range from the religious to the secular and include both fiction and non-fiction. Members check out books when seeking religious insight, spiritual inquiry, or just a good read.

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Dr. Mark Bummitt 

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