Special Needs

Christ Church hosts Services for Families with Special Needs at Christmas and Easter. The Christmas service will be on Saturday, December 18 at 3:00 pm. The service is safe, inclusive, accessible and welcoming. The service will include Holy Communion, and participants are invited to bring a non-perishable item as an offering. It will be followed by a cookie reception.


Let us know if you are interested in coming by emailing Cindy Kline, parishadmin@christchurchpittsford.com, and we will contact you with any further information about the service.

 We welcome congregation members and non-members alike.

A parishioner with a child with special needs came up with the idea of developing a way for families with children with special needs to attend church together. A team of staff and parishioners plan the services, which include social stories used to familiarize the children with the plan of the service, pictures to indicate progress through the service, simple pageants acted out by Sunday School children, a "take-a-break" room, and special gifts for Easter and Christmas services.


For more information concerning these services, please contact the office at parishadmin@christchurchpittsford.com.

For the Christmas 2021  Social Story, please click here.

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